Our Story

Our Story:
When we were thinking about creating a dessert shop we knew one thing, it had to be something that was not traditional and common.
EVERYONE already created decorative Cupcakes, cake pops, and cakes..
So, we knew for sure we were not going to go the same direction.
After searching for that one dessert or new idea, we discovered that chocolate covered strawberries were only bought for valentines day or mothers day..
We saw that as a BIG PROBLEM!
We knew if we could only decorate strawberries in a way that showed a different side or benefit for others to enjoy, that would be our ONE THING!
After testing different designs, showed hundreds of people online and in person, and honestly failing to come up with a product people will see differently and actually try.....
We discovered the ONE THING that everyone seemed to really be impressed by....
Was our EDIBLE GLITTER strawberries!
With everyone ALREADY going crazy for glitter unicorns or glitter themed designs, we knew that would be what would separate us from every other dessert shop in Houston.
It was soon after we set up our very first ad on Facebook then on Instgram that we knew people were really impressed with the new concept of edible glitter strawberries because of the response we were receiving.
We started getting hundreds of messages for orders related to birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, just because, and other fun themed glitter strawberry packages.
Since then, our mission has been to bring joy and excitement for families and friends through our one of a kind decorative strawberries and unique desserts that we add to our store every year!